Karuma Falls

The Karuma falls are first seen from a bridge on the GuluMasindi highway, pouring waters of the Victoria Nile towards Southern Sudan via northern Uganda. The falls are about 110km North-East of Masindi town and about 70km South of Gulu.

karuma falls

The average elevation of the waters of Karuma is about 1000m (3,300ft) above sea level. The falls are strong enough to accommodate a hydro-electric power station, thus Karuma power station that can produce about 750 MegaWatts.

The name Karuma derived from a local notion that means “a great spirit, positioned the stones which break the waters of the river. The bridge under which the falls are, connects two districts that is Masindi and Gulu. It was constructed in 1963 to help the cotton farmers within the West Nile.

It is a landmark in Uganda since the explorer John Speke is said to have passed via the falls as he searched for the source of the Nile. The falls are now safe to visit, now that the Ugandan army eliminated the Lords Resistance Army rebels that had made it impossible to even pass by the bridge, this was corrected by 2007.

The falls have beautiful rocks that cause magnificent white rapids that impressively ripple into the Nile, with enchanting vegetation around it, don’t miss the sight on your way to or from Murchison falls.

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