Attractions in Gulu

Gulu has different Tourism attractions in and around the town which can live a memorable experience clinking in your mind. The Terrain, rivers, vegetation, historical sites, caves and the habitat of wildlife.

murchison falls national park - top of the falls - Attractions in GuluFrom Gulu you can enter through the Tangi gate of Murchsion falls which lies in Gulu town, Murchsion falls which is the biggest among National parks in Uganda started in 1952 with variety of wildlife, natural sceneries of Greenland scape with additional attractions.

You can enjoy a game drive, birding, boat cruise and mainly shoebill being the main attraction in the park. It also offers viewing of wildlife like lions, elephants, kobs, baboons, waterbucks and monkey species.

You can also visit Amaro Hot spring the only hot spring in the Northern Uganda about 32km from Gulu town. The area covers 100 square meters although undeveloped, it also has potential surrounding landscape which is suitable for developing campsites and tour excursions.

Hill climbing can be added on the tourist Excursion, by climbing on one of the hills in Gulu for example Kilak hill, Patiko hill and Moro hill.

karuma falls - Attractions in GuluKaruma falls a future underground hydroelectric station which lies in western part of Gulu, Eastern Apac and south Masindi is a tourist campsite on the Northern bank of the falls including tour executions.

Tourists can also view Atika colobus monkeys in Atika forest near Albert Nile with rear mammals and bird species in savanna short grasses.

fort patiko - bakers fort gulu - Attractions in GuluThe Historical site of Gulu Fort patiko which was a captive home for slaves and was taken over by Sir Samuel Baker who fought the Arabs during the slavery in 1872, it has different caves which were built in rocks by the slave-men and also grinding stones which were used by the slave-women to grind millet and also to view the mark of a rosary where Sir Samuel Bakers’ wife used to pray from every morning.

guruguru caves - Attractions in GuluThe Tourists can also visit the Guruguru caves which are 25km south of Gulu, it was a safe place of hiding during Lamoji rebellion and historical inter-clan wars among the luo. This can be a Tourism base if developed.

Cultural Performances and Antiquities - Attractions in GuluThere also cultural performances in Gulu town for example the Acholi cultural dancers. The development of tourism in Gulu is trying to setup a cultural center with different craft shops, cultural ornaments to add on boosting Tourism sector although in the market places where vendors are, you can find a lot of different crafts with cultural ornaments.